10 Reasons Why I Love Horses

This is the post excerpt.

  1. Horses always tell you the truth.
  2. Horses accept you as you are.
  3. Horses necks smell like good earth.
  4. Horses eyes are deep and calming.
  5. Horses top lines flow like a wave.
  6. Horses legs look like ballet dancer legs
  7. Horses winter coats feel like mink coats.
  8. Horses make me feel powerful.
  9. Horses forgive me my mistakes.
  10. Together we can accomplish miracles.

Painted in Waterlogue

The Joy of Horses

In the beginning the horse was my eye candy. I spent hours gazing at horse pictures, watching horse videos and reading books featuring horses. My horse heroes were My Friend Flicka, Trigger, Silver, and The Black Stallion. Idle hours spent lying on the ground gazing up at the sky through the maple trees and daydreaming of flying down the racetrack on the Black Stallion, riding to the rescue of someone on Trigger, weeping with relief at the end of Black Beauty, or being saved from the rattlesnake by Flicka. These rich, rewarding fantasies crowded into my girl’s lacrosse, brownie meetings or homework time. Parental comments were “You live in your own world, Carol”.

Well, yes. I was.

At 16 yrs. of age my Girl Scout Troup visited Mrs. Nussdorfer’s stable. I was enraptured. After the demo and “pony ride” was through and the other girls went to have refreshments and I stayed with the horse as her son put the demo horse away. Excitement! I got to ‘put the stirrup up’ on the saddle (after he showed me how to do it). That field trip was a turning point in parent approval of horses. I could take once a week lessons with Mrs. Nussdorfer. After the lesson I was required to sit on newspapers so I would not stink up the car with the horse smell. I had to take off my riding boots in the garage for the same reason. I limped for three days after lessons while I was totally thrilled to have this once a week treat. Even better, the school horse was an elderly school horse named “Sunny” who was a grand son of the famous Man O War!

35 years later at unexpected times while mucking out, grooming or walking through the pasture on my horse I am once again surprised by the joy of horses.